About 3X Funding

What is 3X Funding?

3X Funding is a donation base Crowdfunding system, which is run on Peer to Peer , 3X is the India’s first crowd funding system allows you to receive half of everything forever! This is run on 2X2 Matrix plan and has two level only. There is no middleman and 100% all donations amount are immediately assigned to a beneficiary. It is based on the world famous Mobius Loop and the G Technology System.

3X is a team crowdfunding system that provides help from up line , down line and cross line and you can receive donations in just minutes after register.

3X Funding Launched on 20 February 2019.
3X Funding Concept by Congratulations for having taken a right decision in your life. You are joining the Company which is going to create history in the NETWORK MARKETING.


is crowdfunding legal in India at all?

Yes, it is. With platforms providing top-notch crowdfunding services in India to NGOs and individuals, crowdfunding is very much legal. However, it is the kind of crowdfunding that puts the law under question. SEBI’s consultation paper on crowdfunding released in 2014, recognizes 4 kinds of crowdfunding models: Social lending/Donation crowdfunding, Rewards crowdfunding, Equity Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Lending. While the first two (donation and rewards) are clubbed under community crowdfunding, the latter two (Equity and P2P Lending) fall under Financial Return crowdfunding (which is a point of contention). Let’s break down each kind of crowdfunding and its legal implications in India.

The Vision for 3X Funding

Our vision is to have 3X Funding fulfill its destiny – to become the definitive resource for accurate, factual and unbiased information within the MLM industry. Large or small, we will assist all leaders serious in their pursuit of building an ethical and successful person.

The Mission for 3X Funding

It is our passion to empower our customers in their pursuit of immediate and long-term goals via guidance, ground-breaking technology and an unwavering commitment to building relationships that deliver results. Help the People help the nation.